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A Toyota completely redesigned: The 2019 Avalon!
toyota st jerome avalon 2019 redessinee en

  As far back as we can remember, the name Avalon recalls its immortal dimension, as if the Japanese manufacturer, continuing to exceed the limits, had wanted to give it an infallible, even legendary character. This is not completely wrong, especially when looking at the record of this vehicle that is now over 15 years old at Toyota Canada. Moreover, throughout the range of Toyota models,...

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The 2019 Sienna: The most sought-after mini van!
toyota st jerome sienna 2019 recherchee en

  It is often said that a SUV is our best option, but there is probably something more useful than a SUV: it's the van that, year after year, allows more families to travel long distances comfortably and with a technology that continues to evolve to offer many possibilities in order to entertain every passenger as it sees fit, for both young and not-so-young people! At St-Jérôme...

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The 2019 Toyota Corolla: A unique sedan from a brand you can trust
toyota st jerome blogue corolla 2019 en

  All the segments in the automotive market are so well served nowadays that consumers are spoilt for choice. Faced with this situation, the best thing you can do is to go for a model that fits your needs and is produced by a trusted brand. If you live in the city, the vehicle that best fits this description is the 2019 Toyota Corolla. Don’t take our word for it and try this unique...

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Reliability and elegance: The new 2024 Corolla
2024 20 corolla 20 sedan 20 hybrid 20 x s e 20 a w d

Toyota corolla 2024 Disponibilité en modèle hybride et 4 roues motrices La Toyota Corolla 2024 est disponible en versions hybrides et à traction intégrale (AWD), offrant ainsi une polyvalence accrue pour répondre aux besoins de différents conducteurs. Le modèle hybride combine efficacement un moteur à essence et un moteur électrique pour une conduite économique en carburant et des émissions...

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2019 Toyota RAV-4 vs. Honda CRV
toyota st jeromerav4 vs crv en

        The duel between Toyota's RAV4 and Honda's CRV has been going on for a long time, and the two Japanese automakers are in a huge battle to see which one of the two SUVs will win the race. Before deciding on a winner, it's important to know that both SUVs are a great value as sports utility vehicles, but there is one that stands out more than the other in...

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Toyota Supra: The Legend Is Back!
toyota st jerome supra legende en

  Thrill seekers – you'll remember the last Canadian 1998 Supra models that were unique and fun to drive. The Japanese automaker has taken a step back over the past twenty years and developed the all-new Toyota GR Supra, just like the original, but more powerful and better priced. The letters GR refer to GAZOO Racing, Toyota's global motor racing division. This demonstrates the...

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Why Buy a Used Toyota Car?
toyota st jerome occasion en

  Toyota used vehicles are in demand everywhere by car consumers. But why such an enthusiasm for the Japanese brand? It must be said, the Toyota brand has strong credibility and all its vehicles have an excellent resale value. If you visit Toyota to choose a pre-owned vehicle, know that you have come to the right place. By choosing the certified used Toyota brand, you immediately benefit from...

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The 2020 Toyota RAV4 TRD: Heavy-Duty on all Terrain
toyota st jerome rav4 2020 en2 2

      At the Chicago Auto Show last February, the Japanese manufacturer launched the fifth generation of the RAV4 with its 2020 TRD Off-Road model. More robust than the RAV4, this Toyota will have a full range of innovative technical features that will allow for greater driving ability in the trails. With a remarkable style, this Toyota SUV will be sporty and very useful for...

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Toyota's Popular Hybrid Vehicles
toyota st jerome populaire hybride 2019 en 3

  Toyota’s Popular Hybrid Vehicles   If you think that the Japanese manufacturer Toyota does not know much when it comes to hybrid vehicles, think again. At Toyota St-Jerome we have the largest inventory of hybrid cars in the North Shore.   Why Are They so Popular?   Saying that Toyota loves the environment is an understatement. It must also do its part in reducing greenhouse...

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Why Pick A Hybrid Vehicle?
toyota st jerome hybride 2019 en

The following definition perfectly illustrates the subject of this article: a hybrid vehicle uses at least two energy sources, from which at least two are of different natures, and one of is reversible.   Although the appearance of the first hybrid vehicle dates from 1899 – for which we can thank Dr. Ferdinand Porsche in Austria - their industrial development has really begun only in...

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The 2019 Tacoma, Your Most Powerful Truck
toyota st jerome tacoma 2019 puissant en

  While several automakers are specializing in larger trucks and moving away from this segment, Toyota perseveres and signs. Building on 80 years of history in truck manufacturing, the 2019 Tacoma continues this legend and writes a new chapter at Toyota. At Toyota St-Jérôme, your Toyota dealer, at the door of the Laurentians and near Laval, we offer you a...

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The 2019 Prius and its New All-Wheel Drive Electric
toyota st jerome prius 2019 traction en

  Toyota is a pioneer in minding the environment and producing hybrid technology. From the very first Prius launched in North America in the years 2000 to today, this model has sold more than 10 million units in over 80 countries around the world. There is a reason why Toyota sits comfortably on the top of hybrids prize lists. At your Toyota St-Jerome car dealer, near...

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Mechanical Repair
entretien et mec an2 1  1  1

Mechanical Repair Service Specialists   The philosophy behind Toyota Quality Service is the provision of accurate, efficient and reliable servicing at every Toyota Dealership in Canada. To achieve this, Toyota service specialists undergo extensive training. All Service Advisors in Toyota Dealerships are exposed to a systematic three-step training program which focuses on customer care skills,...

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