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More and More Hybrid Vehicles on the Roads

As is now known, a hybrid vehicle uses at least two energy sources, including at least two of different natures, and at least one of which is reversible, in this case the combustion engine (traditional gasoline engine) and the electric motor. However, electric motors operate with a battery which, until recently, had a great autonomy, but also an 8-year/160,000 km guarantee offered by Toyota. Before we talk specifically about the changes made to this warranty – Toyota's hybrid battery extension – let's go back for a moment to the Japanese manufacturer's contribution in hybridizing its vehicles.

Since Toyota's mass commercialization of the first hybrid vehicle in 1997, dubbed Prius with nearly 4 million units, several manufacturers have announced their willingness to invest in this field, but no company has managed to be as generous in terms of warranty for its batteries as Toyota. Since 1997, more than 13 million Toyota hybrid vehicles have been sold worldwide, and by 2019 the number of hybrid vehicles is on the rise and the trend seems to be well established for the years to come.

Canada's transportation sector accounts for nearly a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions. This environmental concern is prompting automakers to do more to improve things and refine their technologies ecologically. Toyota, a pioneer in mobility, is pushing its engineers to work hard to further develop its hybrid and electric vehicles. Toyota St-Jérôme, your Toyota dealership on the North Shore, located near Laval and Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts in the Laurentians, remains on the lookout for these cutting-edge technologies and, with Toyota Canada, is taking the bold step further by announcing an extension of the battery warranty for the brand's hybrid vehicles.

Extending Toyota’s Hybrid Battery

First of all, why did Toyota come to want to extend its battery warranty for its hybrid vehicles starting in 2020? The answer must be found in the company's efforts to develop new technologies and make things more viable. In a desire to push its limits further, Toyota decided, starting in 2020, to offer its customers an extension of its battery warranty for 2020’s hybrid electric vehicles.

Toyota Canada has decided that it will extend the warranty for its hybrid battery from 8 years or 160,000 km to 10 years from the date of first use, or 240,000 km, depending on the first eventuality. In addition, Toyota announces that all other hybrid components, i.e. the battery voltage sensor, power management control module and the inverter with converter will remain covered by Toyota’s 8-year/160,000 km hybrid system warranty, depending on the first eventuality.

As you should know, hybrid electric vehicles are an environmentally friendly and efficient solution. By combining an electric motor and a combustion engine, these vehicles have a strong potential to reduce fuel consumption, without sacrificing their autonomy. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, newer than their non-rechargeable equivalent, are distinguished by the addition of an internal charger that recharges the battery during the vehicle's shutdown and therefore discharges it during a journey. Toyota Canada offers an increasingly large range of Toyota hybrid vehicles; this is what prompted the Japanese manufacturer to take an additional step and extend the warranty on its battery to 10 years instead of 8 for hybrid electric vehicles.

From subcompacts to SUVs, Toyota's hybrid vehicle lineup is the most comprehensive in the world market (Camry Hybrid, RAV4 Hybrid, Highlander Hybrid, Prius C, Prius and Prius Prime) and, with this announcement for hybrid electric vehicles, Toyota now grants a 10-year or 240,000 km guarantee, whichever comes first. In addition, Toyota's hybrid system can determine and use the most optimal combination for you between the electric motor and the gasoline engine depending on driving conditions. Moreover, Toyota hybrid vehicles are designed to deliver performance levels that are equivalent to, or even better than, gasoline-powered vehicles. With a hybrid vehicle, you'll also space your visits to your dealership's maintenance department, as your battery warranty now covers you longer.

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